10-16. Weld Settings Tutorials


Weld Settings consists of several types of settings each with their own specific options. In addition to a general overview tutorial, there are in-depth tutorials on each of these individual types of weld settings. We recommend watching the overview tutorial first then moving onto the specific tutorials relevant to your robot setup.

10. Overview of Weld Settings

General overview of the weld settings.

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11. Process Settings

Explores the process settings available to adjust in weld settings.

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For tutorials regarding calibration, these have been split into a calibration settings overview tutorial, as well as a tutorial for each method of calibration. It’s recommended to start with the overview tutorial before moving onto the calibration method relevant for your robot.

12. Calibration - Overview

Explores the calibration settings common for all calibration methods.

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13. Calibration - Touch Sense

Explores the options specific to touch sensing.

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14. Calibration - 1D Laser Sense

Explores the options specific to 1D laser sensing.

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The final two settings tutorials explore the settings to control workpiece positioner (rotators, skyhooks etc) and robot positioner (tracks, gantries etc) settings.

15. Workpiece Positioner Settings

Explores the workpiece positioner settings available to adjust.

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16. Robot Positioner Settings

Explores the robot positioner settings available to adjust in weld settings.

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