This section contains more detailed reference documentation for Verbotics Weld.

  • Preferences details the user preferences available in the Edit > Preferences dialog.

  • New Features showcases the new features that were added in Weld 0.10.

User Interface

Project Details

  • Project Settings describes the project-specific settings available, such as TCP customisation or program order settings.

  • Assembly and Part Detail describes the information available in the “Detail” section when clicking on an assembly or part.

  • Weld Detail describes the information available in the “Detail” section when clicking on a weld.

Workspace Editing

  • Transform Parts and Welds to transform (move and/or rotate) assemblies, associated parts, weld groups and their associated welds.

Weld Creation and Editing

  • Weld Identification provides detailed information on the settings available in the weld identification process.

  • Create Welds explains how to manually create welds using the ‘Create Welds’ tool.

  • Import Welds explains how to import welds from CSV files.

Weld Editing

  • Weld Settings provides a reference for the weld settings available, including both process, positioner, weaving, stitching and further options.

  • Weld Context Menu provides a reference for weld editing features available in the context menu, including trimming, splitting, transforming, copying, and checking accessibility for welds.

  • Filtering shows how to use the weld filter to reduce the list of welds displayed in the weld list and in the viewer.

Weld Management

  • Rename Welds shows how to batch rename multiple welds.

  • Sort Welds show how to use the sort welds dialog to change the order of welds based on specified criteria.

  • Copy Welds shows how to copy one or more welds. This can be used for repeated assemblies or multi-pass welding.

Weld Path Editing

  • Toolpath Editor details how you can manually create or edit welding toolpaths for a weld.

  • Calibration Editor details how to use the calibration editor to create or edit 1D calibration (touch sense or 1D laser sense) for a weld.

  • 2D Calibration Editor details to 2D calibration editor which is used to create or edit calibration with a 2D laser sensor.

  • Transform Weld Path allows transforming the points along a weld path relative to the welding direction and parts.

  • Split / Trim Welds shows how to split welds into multiple segments and trim the start and end.

  • Join Welds shows how to join two or more welds together.

  • Set Manual Offset describes how to manually offset a weld to account for inaccuracies where touch sensing is not an option.

  • Edit Multi-pass outlines the multi-pass dialog and its provided functionality

  • Edit Targets explains how to use the target editor to modify individual points that define a weld.

Weld Planning

  • Planning shows how the planning process works within Verbotics Weld.

  • Check Accessibility shows a fast process for checking whether welds are accessible using the torch geometry and weld settings.

  • Re-validate Plans shows how to re-validate existing weld plans when the project is modified (such as a new part being added).

  • Weld Path shows how to use the Weld Path widget to troubleshoot planning problems.

Path Calibration

Code Generation

  • Generate Code shows the configurable parameters in the code export dialog.