Weld Filtering

Weld filtering is useful to limit the weld list and viewer to only show welds that meet a certain criteria. It can be used to help execute batch operations for certain welds. To open the filter, click on the funnel icon above the list of welds in the “Welds” dock area. The filter has the following options available:

Weld Filter

Name: will apply a filter to only dislay welds that partially match the input string in the weld name.

Tags: Will filter welds that do not have the tags selected. Mutiple tags can be added to filter the results. Note that when mutiple tags are entered, the welds display will need to have all tags. Tages are entered by typing text followed by a space.

Settings: Will apply a filter to only show welds with the selected settings.

Status: Filters welds based on enabled / disabled status.

Planning Status: Filters welds based on flanning status. This is useful to filter out welds that are inaccessible, or view only welds which have failed.

Weld Position: Will filter welds based on their current position. For example, this can be used to apply a certain workpiece positioner value, and then find all welds that are currently downhand. This is also useful to find vertical welds to reverse. For example if all vertical welds should be welded in the “vertical down” position, a filter can be applied to find all “vertical up” positioned welds for reversing.

Length: Applys a filter to only display welds bewteen the minimum and maximum length. Enter 0 in the length filed to remove the length filter. For example, if all welds longer than 500mm are to be filtered, enter 500mm in the minimum length, and 0mm in the maximum length to prevent the maximum length from being considered by the filter.

Invert if selected will flip the filter, so welds which would normally be shown are hidden and vice versa.

Clear Filter: Resets the filter to display all welds in the project.