Copy Welds

Creates copies of the currently selected weld(s) with equal spacing. To copy, welds, select one or more welds in the “Welds” tab, right click and select “Copy Welds…”. This will pop up the copy dialog shown below, and show a preview of copied welds in the main viewer.

There are three modes that can be used in the copy dialog;

Along a direction

Copy Welds
  • Copy # times: The number of new copies of the currently selected weld(s) that should be created.

  • In direction: selects the direction to copy the weld(s) in. This is relative to the workpiece frame.

  • With spacing: sets the distance between each subsequent copy of the weld(s).

Mirrored across a plane

Copy Welds
  • Normal: The direction of the normal of the plane welds will be mirrored along, relative to the workpiece frame.

  • Distance: The distance from the origin where the mirrored plane sits, along the specified normal.

Rotated around an axis

Copy Welds
  • Axis centre: The position of the origin of the axis.

  • Axis direction: The direction of the axis to copy around.

  • Number of copies: How many times to copy the weld.

  • Angle between copies: The rotation angle between each copy. By default this will be automatically calculated to evenly distribute each copy.