New Features


The following features and improvements are available in Verbotics Weld 0.11.

Toolpath and Calibration Editing

The ability to manually create and edit planned weld toolpaths and calibration was added. This allows you to create or tweak the automated planning results to achieve the perfect plan. For more information, see the Toolpath Editor or Calibration Editor reference.


The new toolpath editor allows fine control over the welding toolpath.


The calibration editor allows you to view, create and edit the touch or laser sense points used for calibration.

2D Laser (i-CUBE) Sensing Support

Weld 0.11 includes supports for semi-automated 2D laser sense planning. This uses a 2D laser profile scanner such as the SERVO-ROBOT i-CUBE To calibrate the location of the weld seam. See the 2D Calibration Editor reference for more information.


2D laser sense locations along a weld.

KUKA and Universal Robot (UR) Support

Code generators have been added for KUKA and Universal Robots. Verbotics Weld now supports ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Universal Robots and Yaskawa Motoman.

Simple and Advanced Process Settings Mode

As we have added more advanced weld settings, the process settings dialog has become quite large. By default Weld 0.11 will only show the most commonly used fields, and you can click “Show advanced settings…” to show all available process settings.

Weld Colour Coding

Welds are now colour-coded based on their status. Failed or unplanned welds are red, successfully planned welds are green and welds with warnings are yellow. You can customise these in the application references.

Other Changes

  • You can preview and accept intermediate weld identification results while the identifier is still running.

  • There are more options to control how the weld position is calculated when you have a workpiece positioner (look ahead along the weld to calculate position, and custom tilt offset).

  • You can define a different process setting for the start / end of a weld. You can do this by clicking the icon next to the process settings dropdown in the weld detail view. This is currently only supported for ABB and FANUC robots.

  • Minimise the change in torch rotation during welding.

  • You can now rotate around an axis when copying welds.

  • Add optional for optical seam tracking (in addition to through-arc seam tracking).

  • Option to create turn-back features in the split / trim weld dialog.

  • Many other features, usability improvements, and bug fixes.