Edit Targets

Edit Targets Dialog

Each Weld in the software consists of a series of targets which locate and orient their path. The Edit Targets dialog allows the individual targets along a weld to be modified.

To use the Edit Targets dialog;

  1. Select one or more targets by highlighting the rows of the targets in the table view

  2. Configure the target

    • Use the Edit Selected Targets group box to configure the positioning of the selected target.

    • Use the Type and Groove Angle columns of the table to configure the Type and Groove Angle.

  3. When modifying a target, the target will also be highlighted in the 3D viewer. The target will be moved and modified as the Edit Selected Targets parameters are changed.


The targets in the 3D Viewer

Configurable Parameters

The following parameters are configurable for the selected target(s);

Targets table

Preferences that appear in the targets table.

  • Type: The interpolation type of the target.

    • Line: The target forms part of a line. This setting is no-longer used by Verbotics Weld.

    • Curve: The target is part of a curve. This setting is no-longer used by Verbotics Weld.

    • Unknown: The target does not have a specified type explicitly. This setting is no-longer used by Verbotics Weld.

  • Groove Angle: The groove angle of the weld.

Edit Selected Targets box


Position parameters of welds can be configured, and are often referred to interchangeably. For this document, Wire Direction refers to the part of the weld pointing out, the Z Axis. Weld Direction refers to the direction the TCP would travel when making the weld, or the X Axis of the target in a weld. The remaining axis is perpendicular to both of these, Y.

The controls in this section allow the transformation of the target to be changed, and appear in the Edit Selected Targets parameters.

  • Move along wire direction: Move the target along the main wire direction (Z in the viewer).

  • Move along walls: Move the target along either of the walls that bound the wire direction of the target (based on the groove angle).

  • Move along weld: Move the target along the direction of the weld at the position of the target (X in the viewer).

  • Move perpendicular to weld: Move the target along the plane perpendicular to the wire direction and direction of the weld (Y in the viewer)

  • Tilt: Modify the wire direction by rotating the target about the X Axis.