The Preferences dialog allows preferences to be tweaked that affect the behaviour of Verbotics Weld as a whole. The preferences dialog can be accessed from File > Preferences... in the main application menu.



General preferences related to operation and visual display.

  • Re-open most recent project on startup? When enabled, Verbotics Weld will open the most recent project automatically when the application is started.

  • Open generated programs for viewing? When enabled, the generated program output will be opened in the default application for the file extension.

  • Automatically check for updates? When enabled, Verbotics Weld will periodically check to see if there is a newer version of the software.

  • Update Channel: Selects which update channel to check for newer version. ‘Stable’ is the channel for versions that have undergone testing to check for issues. ‘Testing’ is the channel for currently under development features and may have problems. The ‘Testing’ channel should not be used unless specifically asked to by Verbotics.

  • Distance unit: Selects the unit to use when displaying distances (defaults to millimetres).

  • Angle unit: Selects the unit to use when displaying angles (defaults to degrees).

  • Background colour: Selects the background colour of the viewer.

  • View text colour: Selects the colour of text in the viewer.

  • Planning, cores to use: Selects the number of threads to invoke for planning. Each weld is planned using a single thread, so this is the number of welds that can be planned simultaneously. Using all threads available can make your computer unresponsive during planning.

  • Simulate welding speed at A mutiplier to increase the speed of welding paths when viewing with the simulator.

Work Cells


The Work Cells section shows a table of the currently installed work cells. If any work cells have errors, they will be displayed with an error icon and details on the error.

  • Add File… imports a .vbmodel work cell file into the software.

  • Add Directory… allows selecting a directory with the required work cell files.

  • Remove: removes the currently selected work cell file.

Template Projects

Adds and removes template files that can bse used as a starting point for Verbotics Weld. This is useful to create a template for re-used items, such as weld settings or fixturing which will be common across multiple projects.



The licenses tab shows a table of the currently installed licenses. These are what allow you to export robot code. To import a provided .vblicense file once you purchase a copy of Verbotics Weld, click the “Add License…” button. Expired licenses will be shown with a cross instead of a tick icon.


Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts tab allows the user to create customised keybaord shortcuts for commonly used oeprations in Verbtoics Weld.


To create a keyboard shortcut:

  1. Click inside the text box of the operation you would like to create a keyboard shortcut for.

  2. Press the key(s) that will be pressed to create the keyboard shortcut.

  3. Wait briefly for the shortcut to be registered.

To remove a keyboard shortcut: Click the cross next to the operation you would like to remove the keyboard shortcut for.