Sort Welds

Weld Sorting

Weld sorting allows welds to be reordered in the welds list, the order that welds appear in this list (when not filtered out) is the order that welds will be exported. Note that welds can be dragged around manually.

Only selected welds will be sorted. To sort all welds, select all welds prior to clicking the sort button.

Spiral (outside to centre)

Welds will be sorted from their furthest to closest position of each weld compared to the average position of all welds being sorted.

Furthest to Next

Sorts welds such that each subsequent weld will the furthest unsorted weld from the last sorted weld.



Welds will be sorted by their position, relative to the workpiece origin. For example; +x will sort welds in order of their position along the X-axis.

Group touching welds

Groups welds together that have starts and or ends less than 2mm for one another. Useful for grouping welds together in small box sections for example.

Workpiece positioner value

Sort welds based on the wokrpiece positioner value when being welded. Only works for previously planned welds. Useful to minimise the amount of workpiece positioner movement.



Mirroring improves the usefulness of some sorting actions by alternating the sorted welds by their relative closeness on either side of a mirror plane. This enables heat to be shared across a symetrical workpiece for example.

  • Normal: The normal direction the mirror plane. For example; if X is set to 1, welds will be mirrored across a YZ plane.

  • Distance: The distance to offset the mirror plane, relative to the workpiece origin.

  • Alternate every: Number of welds to sort on one side of the mirror plane before alternating to the other side.