Check Accessibility

The weld accessibility checker is a fast process to determine if the weld is accessible or not based on the tooling geometry of the work cell and the weld settings applied. It checks through all possible combinations of torch geometry at the start, middle, and end of the weld. If no collision free position is found for the torch the weld is deemed inaccessible.

Check Accessibility

Welds can be checked for accessibility by:

  1. Selecting the weld(s) to be checked for accessibility.

  2. Right click and select “Check Accessibility…”.

  3. Wait for Verbotics Weld to generate the results.

  4. Accept or cancel the results.

Inaccessible welds will be marked as inaccessible with a grey cross icon and can be filtered accordingly.

Checking for inaccessible welds is useful in a number of circumstances:

  • Removing internal welds that are not possible to weld to clean up a project.

  • Quickly testing if jigging or fixturing creates obstacles that are preventing access to welds.

  • Identifying weld paths that may require trimming or splitting to weld.