Split / Trim Welds

This allows you to either split the selected welds and/or trim an amount off the weld start and end.

Split / Trim dialog

Split Modes

Split: Option for where to split welds:

  • at a distance

  • at an interval

  • at the midpoint of corners

  • at a collision back from weld

  • relocate existing corners

The results of the split / trim is previewed live in the main 3D viewer. The modes of operation are:

at a specified distance

Splits and trims the selected weld(s) based on the settings in the dialog.

at an interval

Split the welds into discrete intervals, their size specified by Distance. Trim start by and Trim end by control the gap before and after each weld interval.

at the midpoint of corners

Splits the weld at the middle of a corner. Useful to seperate welds at the middle of a curved section.

at a collision back from weld This option is useful for splitting welds at features such as rat holes. It will project back the specified distance along the wire direction, and split the weld wherever a collision with the part is detected.

Split welds at collision

relocate existing corners

When multiple welds are selected, or a weld that is a closed loop (the start and the end of the weld are at the same position), this tool allows relocation of the split points after they have been created. The corners can also be relocated individually using the table which pops up.


The trim start by and trim end by trim the start and/or end of each weld. If welds are split, each weld by the split will be trimmed invididually. Negative values can be entered to extend the welds.

Turn Back

You can add a “turn-back” feature to the start and end of the welds by entering a value into the turn-back start or end fields. This will create a reversed turn-back feature of the specified length. This is where the initial start or end of the weld path will be done reversed for the first X mm of the weld, and then the direction reversed to perform the rest of the weld path.