Transform Parts and Welds

Within the «Workspace» are you can transform (move and/or rotate) both assemblies and weld groups in the same way. Select one or more assemblies or weld groups in the «Workspace» view, right click and select «Translate / rotate…»:

Right click and select translate / rotate

This will pop up the dialog shown below. You can modify the position of the selected items by typing directly in the dialog, or you can use the interactive manipulator in the 3D viewer to drag items interactively. If the «snap» button is toggled in, movement will be limited to 100mm and 45° steps. The translation and rotation is relative to the work station origin.


The view when transforming items.

Next to the rotation fields you can click the rotate 90° buttons to quickly rotate around an axis. You can also click on the calculator button to pop up a calculator to easily transform between different rotation angle conventions.


Rotation convention calculator dialog.